Sophia Dixon Dillo has a Master in Fine Arts in painting from Colorado State University. She developed her interest in light as an active medium during her graduate years at CSU. For an independent study in sculpture, she made large-scale installations using light to illuminate sheer walls of fishing line. These works were pivotal to her artistic path, and eventually led her away from traditional means of painting and toward an explorative dialogue between painting, sculpture, and light. 

Dillo resides in Crestone, Colorado with her husband at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center. Crestone is located on the western slope of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains overlooking the San Luis Valley – one of the most remote and dramatically beautiful areas in North America. Tucked into Piñon Pine and Juniper forest, Dillo’s studio lies beneath the rugged 14,000-foot peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The peace and seclusion of her work place influence her artwork – quiet, spatial, sensorial, and participatory.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dillo grew up watching her father, artist Willard Dixon, paint in his studio. She learned to draw from observation at a young age. Struck by the power and simplicity of Mark Rothko’s paintings, she began to explore abstract painting in her early artist years. Dillo has studied art at the Lacoste Ecole des Arts in Lacoste, France, received an artist residency grant from the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont, and was recently an artist resident at the Lucid Art Foundation in Inverness, California. She

has a BA in philosophy from Colorado College, and completed her academic education with a MFA from Colorado State University in 2009.

Dillo’s current work continues to focus on light. She uses minimal, all-over patterning so that the viewer’s attention can shift from the particular to the whole, and back again. Giving each part equal weight emphasizes the appearance of the piece as a whole. Quiet and subtle, her works prove difficult to capture in photographs. The works are experiential. They require the viewer’s presence in order to witness the ever-shifting effects of light and movement on the pieces.

Dillo has exhibited and is collected throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. She has participated in exhibits at venues such as the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the Calvin Klein Collection on Madison Avenue in New York. Her recent solo exhibit, Emergence was chosen as a “Pick of the Week” by ArtWeek.LA, and as a “Best Pick” by collector Doug Simay.

She has recently been recognized as a notable abstract artist in Colorado with an invitation to participate in Colorado Women in Abstraction at the Center for Visual Arts in Denver.


     2006-09     MFA, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

     2001          Lacoste Ecole des Arts, Lacoste, France

     1996-00     BA in Philosophy, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO


Artist Statement

I find that I have an affection for the simple as-isness of things. The white curve of a bone, the negative space created by the bend of a flower, the impression of a printing plate on white paper all capture my attention. Noticing these ordinary objects as particular reveals their unique presence and makes the mind more receptive to beauty. Beauty, to me, is when the mind reaches out to an object and returns nourished. Creating art is my attempt to honor and share this experience.

I am drawn to non-objective abstraction because it tends to strip away the layers of meaning in which our everyday lives are embedded. Non-objective images emphasize a space that exists before labeling, before thinking. Unobstructed by familiar icons, a bodily felt dialogue between the viewer and the work of art then might arise more easily.

I am intrigued with how light can be both visible and invisible at the same time. Light is always present, yet not always seen. My works play with this internal contradiction in the nature of light. I work with transparent, translucent, and reflective materials in combination with all-over

patterning to create works that incorporate light and shadow on and between the surfaces. The result is a fusing of the materiality of the art object with the immateriality of light, creating a multivalent visual experience that subtly changes as the viewer moves.

My works are contingent upon their environment, and meant to create their own space. They often have a commanding size, yet quiet and gentle presence. Their space invites viewers to step out of their usual mind of narrative thinking and into the field of mind itself. In my experience it is this field that can show us how to be intimate with the world of form, how to be nourished by things as they arise.

Artist CV

Solo Exhibitions

     2015      Light & Form, Galerie Fatiha Selam, Paris, France

                   Forming Light – Holiday Installation, Calvin Klein Collection on Madison Avenue, New York, NY

                   Light & Shadow, Shumei International Institute, Crestone, CO

                   Light Space, The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO

     2014      Emergence, Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

     2012      Translucence,  Space Gallery, Denver, CO

                   Forming Light VI Installation and New Boxes, Winterowd Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

     2011      Light and Line, Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO

                   Light and Line, Vertical Arts Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO

     2010      Light Works, Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO

     2008      Small Works, Shumei International Institute, Crestone, CO

                   Small Paintings, Tortuga’s, Longmont, CO

                   Implexities II, Bovine Theater Gallery, Denver, CO

     2007      Forming Light II Installation, Morgan Library, CSU, Fort Collins, CO

                   Forming Light Installation, Mini Gallery, CSU, Fort Collins, CO

                   Implexities, Saxy’s, Boulder, CO

                   New Paintings, Music Gallery, CSU, Fort Collins, CO

     2006      Side by Side, St. Luke’s Gallery, Fort Collins, CO

Group Exhibitions

     2017     Spectral Light and Color, Samara Gallery, Houston, TX

     2016     Extended Dialogue: Part 1, Space Gallery, Denver, CO

                  Colorado Women in Abstraction, Center for Visual Arts, Denver, CO

                  Abstract Group Exhibit, Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

                  Lucid Art Exhibition, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA

                  SYNTHESIS – of all that went before, Averard Hotel with Galerie Fatiha, Selam, London, UK

                  Repetition & Reticulation, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Milwaukee, WI

     2014     10 Inches of Christmas,  Space Gallery, Denver, CO

                  Surface, Space Gallery, Denver, CO

                  10-Year Anniversary Exhibit, Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

                  Grand Opening Exhibit, Space Gallery, Denver, CO

                  Unbound – Five Installations, Arvada Center for the Arts, Arvada, CO

                  Brave New World,  Scott Richards Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA

                  Willard Dixon & Sophia Dixon Dillo – Stillness & Activity, a Father & Daughter Show, Gallerie Citi, Burlingame, CA

     2013     Lines & Grids: Works on Paper,  Space Gallery, Denver, CO

                  The Story of the Creative, Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York, NY

                  30 Squared, Space Gallery, Denver, CO

                  2nd Annual Love + Light, A Contemporary Art and Light Exhibition, Loveland Feed & Grain, Loveland, CO

     2012     Full Spectrum, Scott Richards Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA

                  Retrospective – 11 Year Anniversary, Space Gallery, Denver, C)

                  Art Without Illusion, Lakewood Cultural Center, Lakewood, CO

     2011     1:1, Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO

                  Art of the Real, Space Gallery, Denver, CO

                  (MA)chi(N)e(MADE): Organic Precision, Vertigo Art Space, Denver, CO

     2010     Friends and Family – an exhibition of Ice Cube artists and their acquaintances, Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO

                  Begin Within - Three Person Exhibit, Old Firehouse Art Center, Longmont, CO

                  Ice Cube Group Exhibit, Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO

                  ASC Community Partnerships, Adams State College, Alamosa, CO

     2009     Master of Fine Arts Exhibit, Curfman Gallery, Fort Collins, CO

                  Art and Science, Curfman Gallery, Fort Collins, CO

                  WOW Show, The Core New Art Space, Denver, CO

     2008     Art and Science, Curfman Gallery, Fort Collins, CO

                  Art in the Attic, Lapis Gallery, Denver, CO

     2007     Nextmas Show, Next Gallery, Denver, CO

                  Emerging Artists Exhibit, Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO

                  Open Studio Exhibit, Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO

                  Master of Fine Arts Show, Curfman Gallery, Fort Collins, CO

     2005     Student Invitational, University of Xochimilco, Mexico

                  The Drawing Show, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO

     2004     East of the Moon - Five Worlds, Lincoln Gallery, Boulder, CO


     2010     5th in Popular Vote, Curate This! 2010, BECA Foundation

     2006-08     Liberal Arts Scholarship, Margery Monfort Wilson Scholarship, Women’s Association Scholarship, & Graduate Grant

                            Colorado State University

     2002     Printmaking Residency Grant, Vermont Studio Center

     2001     Scholarship, Lacoste School of the Arts

Artist Residencies

     2015     Lucid Art Foundation,  Inverness, CA

     2002     Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT


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     2004     XEN Dharma und Sangha News, German Magazine, Featured Artist

     2001     Lacoste Vernissage, Catalogue Cover Featured Artist

Selected Public Collections

 Fox Rothschild, LLP Denver, Colorado

 State of New Mexico, Dept. of Cultural Affairs Santa Fe, New Mexico

 Four Seasons Hotel & Residence Denver, Colorado

 Crestone Charter School Crestone, Colorado

 The Briar Rose Bed & Breakfast Boulder, Colorado

 Colorado State University, Communications Dept. Fort Collins, Colorado

Selected Private Collections

 Mr. Charles Riger Houston, Texas

 Mr. & Mrs. Pali Xisto Cornelson New York, New York

 Mr. Tal Plaisance New York, New York

 Mr. Tom Geier New York, New York

 Ms. Maryanne Lataif Malibu, California

 Mr. Lito Tejada-Flores & Mrs. Linde Waidhofer Crestone, Colorado

 Ms. Angela Eastman Hurdle Mills, North Carolina

 Mr. Jörg Gessner Lyon, France

 Mr. & Mrs. Al Evans Los Angeles, Cailifornia

 Ms. Dana Boldt-Garcetti Los Angeles, California

 Ms. Moonhee Cho, PhD. Busan Korea

 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kantner Pasadena, California

 Mr. Michael Hayes Steamboat Springs, Colorado

 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Clark Wilson, Wyoming

 Mr. Vidan Gonthier Boulder, Colorado

 Mrs. Grace Foster Pollard Zuni, New Mexico

 Mr. Daniel Welch Santa Fe, New Mexico

 Mr. Andres Siegel Mexico City, Mexico

 Mr. Jason Kibbey and Mrs. Elizabeth Baker Berkeley, California

 Ms. Katalin Domoszlay Aspen, Colorado

 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Loeffler Boulder, Colorado

 Mr. Matthew Zepelin Boulder, Colorado

 Mr. Earl Sutherland Crestone, Colorado

 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schneider Northridge, California

 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Goldenberg West Hartford, Connecticut

 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Buckner New York City, New York

 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Brady Santa Fe, New Mexico

 Mr. Frank Hielscher Dortmund, Germany

 Mr. Richard Baker Crestone, Colorado

 Mr. Martin Macaulay Crestone, Colorado

 Ms. Ulrike Greenway Crestone, Colorado

 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Peroutka Portland, Oregon

 Ms. Sue Pendell Fort Collins, Colorado

 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bernard Denver, Colorado

 Mr. Steve Odom & Ms. Alexandra Smith Alamosa, Colorado

 Mr. Michael Thaut Fort Collins, Colorado

 Mr. Brian DeCamp Boulder, Colorado

 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Olney San Rafael, California

 Mrs. Andrea Mackensen Kassel, Germany

 Mrs. Beate Aldag Frankfurt, Germany

 Mrs. Juditha Siebert Herrischried, Germany

 Ms. Catherine Grimal-Vanstraceele Grenoble, France

 Mr. & Mrs. Regis Pignal Lourmarin, France


Samara Gallery, Houston, TX

Galerie Fatiha, Selam, Paris, France

Gallerie Citi, Burlingame, CA

Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Scott Richards Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA

Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

Professional Engagements

     2015     Artist Symposium, Shumei International Institute,  Crestone CO

                  Artist Talk, Lincoln Center,  Fort Collins, CO

     2013     Guest Speaker, Metropolitan State University of Denver,  Denver, CO

                  Guest Juror, University of New Mexico Architecture Department , Albuquerque, NM

     2010     Slideluck Potshow, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art,  Boulder, CO

     2008     Artist Symposium, Shumei International Institute,  Crestone CO

SAMARA Gallery

3100 Richmond Ave - Suite 104

Houston TX 77098


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