2015     Represented at Samara Gallery

     2011-present     Teaching: The Women’s Institute, Studio Classes

     2008-2011     Teacher-MFAH, Houston

     1990-2005      Couturier

     1979-1984      Mentoring, Dorothy Hood

     1970-1973      Studio instruction and critique-painting- Robin Curtis, instructor Glassell School

     1963-1969      Teaching second and third grades, St. Louis Missouri

     1963-1964      Drawing, painting-School of Fine Art Washington University

     1963     B.A.  Washington University, Elementary Education


Artist Statement


Making abstract art is an ongoing skill for me which has been acquired over a prolonged period of time.  Each canvas is a unique experience with each part of it painted or drawn to relate to the other parts of the composition and working until all of the parts work together to form one piece of art.  Much of what evolves on the canvas results from personal experiences and thoughts on a subconscious level.


I love color and design and develop my art by working alla prima, working the colors wet into wet, blending as I go along to build up layers of paint and/or filling out shapes and sections of a painting.  First working only with acrylic paint, I then discovered oil sticks, charcoal, graphite and collage and began to incorporate these media into many of my paintings.  During the forty years or so that I have been making abstract art, many different effects (styles) of painting have emerged. I enjoy discovery and challenge myself to go beyond what I have already achieved. Some of my paintings begin with a preset idea of what I want to accomplish while others are developed spontaneously.  

Artist CV


Selected Solo Exhibitions

1985     DuBose Gallery; Houston, TX

1982     Davis McClain Gallery, Houston, TX


Selected Collections

Paintings in many private and corporate collections. Corporate collections: Vince and Elkins Law offices, Marathon Oil, Trammel Crow


SAMARA Gallery

3100 Richmond Ave - Suite 104

Houston TX 77098


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