Patricia Sicardi
Maps of an Inner Cosmos


February 26 - April 2, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, February 26 from 6pm to 8pm

SAMARA Gallery is proud to present the first US solo presentation of works by international artist Patricia Sicardi. Sicardi’s most recent paintings are about creating new spaces. Color was the dominant element in her previous works, but here she contrasts black and white with vigorous, gestural brushwork. Lines and forms interplay in spaces of silence. Brief mentions of color intimate force, rhythm and interiority: a dance for the spectator.


Eudald Camps wrote in the Spanish Daily newspaper Diario de Girona that “Patricia Sicardi’s Mediterranean vision is evident in her artworks. The city of Cadaqués, Spain, provided an ideal setting where Sicardi’s paintings could resolve themselves with an intensity that strikes close to home. Vast fields of color and forceful brushstrokes allow light to vibrate with an unsuspected brilliance, and the retina to recreate itself through an interplay of light. Freedom at its maximum.”


Patricia Sicardi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lives and works in Barcelona, Spain, Patricia earned her national teaching certificate in painting and engraving at the Santa Ana Institute in 1982. She studied in the workshops of Kenneth Kemble, Eduardo Mac Entyre, Aurelio Macci, Alfredo de Vicenzo, Marta Cesani, Guillermo Roux, and Antonio Pujia, and ahs coordinated art workshops on poetry, philosophy, and psychology. In 1983, she founded a workshop in Buenos Aires for teaching painting and engraving to children, adolescents, and adults. In 2001, she relocated to San Cugat de Valles, Barcelona, Spain, where she participated in the Taller Libre de l’Escola d’Art, with artist Paco Minuesa. In 2003, she opened a workshop in Barcelona, and two years later opened Siart, an art gallery in Cadaqués, Spain.


Sicardi continues to show her work internationally in solo and group exhibitions, and she has completed numerous private commissions of murals, folding screens, and objects, as well as book illustrations.  She has shown internationally in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Malaysia and Uruguay.

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