Patricia Sicardi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Patricia earned her national teaching certificate in painting and engraving at the Santa Ana Institute in 1982. She studied in the workshops of Kenneth Kemble, Eduardo Mac Entyre, Aurelio Macci, Alfredo de Vicenzo, Marta Cesani, Guillermo Roux, and Antonio Pujia, and has coordinated art workshops on poetry, philosophy, and psychology. In 1983, she founded a workshop in Buenos Aires for teaching painting and engraving to children, adolescents, and adults. In 2001, she relocated to San Cugat de Valles, Barcelona, Spain, where she participated in the Taller Libre de l’Escola d’Art, with artist Paco Minuesa. In 2003, she opened a workshop in Barcelona, and two years later opened Siart, an art gallery in Cadaqués, Spain.


Patricia continues to show her work internationally in solo and group exhibitions, and she has completed numerous private commissions of murals, folding screens, and objects, as well as book illustrations.  She has shown internationally in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Malaysia and Uruguay.


Artist Statement

Sicardi’s most recent paintings are about creating new spaces. Color was the dominant element in her previous works, but here she contrasts black and white with vigorous, gestural brushwork. Lines and forms interplay in spaces of silence. Brief mentions of color intimate force, rhythm and interiority: a dance for the spectator.


Eudald Camps wrote in the Spanish Daily newspaper Diario de Girona that “Patricia Sicardi’s Mediterranean vision is evident in her artworks. The city of Cadaqués, Spain, provided an ideal setting where Sicardi’s paintings could resolve themselves with an intensity that strikes close to home. Vast fields of color and forceful brushstrokes allow light to vibrate with an unsuspected brilliance, and the retina to recreate itself through an interplay of light. Freedom at its maximum.”


Artist CV


Selected Solo Exhibitions


     2016     Maps of the Inner Cosmos, Samara Gallery, Houston, TX

     2015     Fort de Bellegarde, Le Pethus, France                                                                                               

     2014     Gallery Rivera Sicardi, Cadaqués, Spain

                  Gallery Estudio Mitti, Milano, Italy

                  Gallery Shad, Toulouse, France

     2013     Gallery Shad, Toulouse, France

     2012     La Capelleta de Ceret, France

     2011     Gallery ĽEcharpe, Toulouse, France

                  Castello Di Nervi, Genova, Italy

     2010     Art Gallery, Dieulefit, France

                  18th Cultural Festival America, Pau, France

     2009     Siart Gallery, Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

     2008     Casa de Cultura de Tabasco, Mexico City, Mexico

                  Espinelves Church, Osona, Cataluña, Spain

     2007     Recoleta Gallery, National Library, Buenos Aires, Argentina

     2006     Crystal Palace Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

                  Siart Gallery, Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

                  Almirall Salon, Barcelona, Spain

     2005     Art Space LOLA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  Siart Gallery, Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

                  Almirall Salon, Barcelona, Spain

     2004     Cultural Society Sant Jaume, Premia de Dalt, Barcelona, Spain

                  Art Gallery Magdalena Baixeras, Barcelona, Spain

     2003     Portes I Balcons, Art Gallery Iris, Barcelona, Spain

                  Gallery Pou ďArt, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, Spain

     2002     Art Gallery Magdalena Baixeras, Barcelona, Spain

     2001     De Barcelona a Argentina, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  Encontres I Café ďArgentina, Gallery of Ariadna Roberts, San Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, Spain

                  Art space, Puerto de la Duquesa, Marbella, Spain

     1999     Cultural Center Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  La Barra, Trench Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay

     1998     Gallery Centoira, Buenos Aires, Argentina

     1995     Lagard Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  Cultural Center Misiones, Posadas, Argentina

     1994     Municipality of San Carlos de BarilocheCultural Museum, Rio Negro, Argentina

                  Gallery Pocito, Montevideo, Uruguay

                  Art Gallery La Querencia, Carlos Fader, Villa Allende, Córdoba, Argentina

     1993     Art Gallery Los Patios de Giuffra, Buenos Aires, Argentina

     1982     Patio Bollini, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Selected Group Exhibitions

     2014     Archeological Museum, Olbia, Italy

                  Arts Libris, Malaga Gallery, Milano, Italy

                  Arts Libris, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Barcelona, Spain

     2013     Milan Arts Events Gallery, Milano, Italy

                  Arts Libris, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Barcelona, Spain

                  Tramuntana art, Port de la Selva

     2011     ĽEcharpe Gallery, Toulouse, France

     2010     Secularitat sagrada i art, Friendship Society, Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

                  Siart Gallery, Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

     2009     Siart Gallery, Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

                  Marinaart Gallery, Gata de Gorgos, Alicante, Spain

     2006     Christmas Group Exhibition, Swimming Club Natacío, Barcelona, Spain

                  Cultural Space Francoli, Barcelona, Spain

                  Mini Print International of Engraving, Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

                  Siart Gallery, Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

     2004     Art Gallery Gorina Space, Sant Cugat del Vales, Barcelona, Spain

     2003     Iris Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

     2002     International Federation of Artists, Art space ACEA, Barcelona, Spain

                  FIRART, Art Association, Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona, Spain

                  Greco Gallery, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

                  Art Gallery Ismes, Vilanova, Barcelona, Spain

                  Antoni Gaudi, Town hall of Santa Coloma de Farnés, Girona, Spain

     2001     House of Culture, San Cugat de Valles, Barcelona, Spain

     1998     ArteBA, Galería Centoira, Buenos Aires, Argentina

     1997     XII Contemporary Argentine Artists, Embassy of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

                  ArteBA, Centro Cultural de Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  Gallery Kin Cultural, Mexico

     1996     Five Argentina Painters, Arquideco Art Gallery, Miami, FL, USA

                  Encuentro de Pintores, Fundation Bollini, Buenos Aires, Argentina

     1995     ArteBA, Centro Cultural de Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  Fundation Banc of Boston, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  Gallery Adriana Indik, Buenos Aires, Argentina

     1994     Argentine Embassy, Punta del Este, Uruguay

                  Society Salon of Visual Arts, Andreani Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  New Images Salon, Museum Roca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  Winter Salon of Visual Arts, Rómulo Raggio Foundation and FU.SE.DIM, Buenos Aires, Argentina

     1993     Europa Café, Houston, TX, USA

                  III Salon of Visual Arts Argentina, Secretary of Culture, Buenos Aires, Argentina

     1989     Engraving, Gallery of Time, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  Engraving, Hebraic Society, Buenos Aires, Argentina

     1987     Municipal Salon of Luján, Gravat, Buenos Aires, Argentina                                                                                         

     1980     Drawing and Engraving, Municipal Salon of Visual Arts of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                  Bolsa de Cerales, Buenos Aires, Argentina

     1976     National Salon of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina



     2014     Critics Choice, First place, Italian American Art, Olbia, Italy

     2004     First prize, Painting contest, “Art Meson,” Sant Cugat Winn Devon Poster Collection, USA

     1998     Mention, Museo Roca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Other Honors

     2012     Book Illustration, El color del trigo, Leonal Sicardi

     2008     Book Illustration, No sé decir Adios, Nieves Calandreli

                  Auction, Lamas Bolaño, Barcelona, Spain

     2005     Book Illustration, Los vulnerables cipreses del otoño, Alba Estrella Gutierrez



Town Hall of Ceret, France

El Escorial Collection, Madrid, Spain

Madeleine Kleinwort, London, UK

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