Maryam Lavaf was born in Tehran, Iran in 1977 Lavaf received a Graphic Diploma from the Art School in Tehran, Iran. She received her B.A. in painting from Azad University in Tehran, Iran in 2002 and certificates in Advanced Painting and Ceramics from the Glassell School of Art in Houston, TX.


     2015     Ceramic, Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas

     2005     Advanced painting, Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas

     2002     B.A. in Painting, Azad University, Tehran, Iran

                  Graphic Diploma, Art School, Tehran, Iran


Artist Statement

My art originates from my life’s experiences.
The structure of my paintings is based on earth, sun, and plants –Nature’s elements.
On the other hand my paintings represent my emotional responses to nature.
I enjoy creating images and objects that I find visually stimulating.


Events and occurrences, which have their own logic, are the accidents which I reveal in my work and through them I discover a new layer of myself. Most of my works the footprints of nature can be traced, Nature stimulates the primary sense and the essence of life in me, a sense that we experience in love. The projection of me to nature arouses the ecstasy of existence in me, and in this way I connect to inner elements. I begin each piece with a sound; it can be the sound of a leaf dropping, each work Needs its own logic and guide lines and has to be unique and be ruled by its own laws. I know a work is complete when its finds its own life, at which point I prefer to hide my intentions and allow viewers to come up with their own conclusions.

Artist CV

Solo Exhibitions

     2017     Whispers, Samara Gallery, Houston, TX

     2016     The Jung Center, Houston, TX

     2015     Clay, Regina Galeria, Houston, TX

     2014     Escape, Archway Gallery, Houston, TX

     2013     Nature's, Path, Regina Galeria, Houston, TX

     2011     Regina Galeria, Houston, TX

     2009     Gallery 3, Winter Street Studios, Houston, TX

     2005     Rice University, Hamman Hall, Houston, TX

Group Exhibitions

     2012     Archway Juried Exhibition, Archway Gallery, Houston, TX

     2008     25th Juried Exhibition, Visual Arts Alliance, Spring Street Studios, Houston, TX

     2005     Gallery 3, Winter Street Studios, Houston, TX

     2003     Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

     2002     Jahanara Gallery, Tehran, Iran

SAMARA Gallery

3100 Richmond Ave - Suite 104

Houston TX 77098


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