Gerardo Rosales a visual artist born in Venezuela now living and working in Houston, Texas.


Rosales started producing art as a self-taught artist and subsequently attended the Armando Reverón Art Institute in Caracas, Venezuela where he earned a BA in Fine Art. After graduating he moved to London to study at Chelsea College of Art and Design gaining an MA in Fine Art.


At university Rosales became more resourceful in the use of mixed media and started producing more social-oriented works. His themes provide a contrast using the fascination for patterns and ornaments normally seen in decorative objects of everyday life to confront the viewer with images that deal with issues of violence, repression, sexuality, abuse of power and loneliness.


Rosales has exhibited his work in the US and Internationally.



     1991-96     BA Honours Fine Art Painting; Institute Armando Reveron; Caracas, Venezuela

     1996-97     MA Fine Art Painting; Chelsea College of Art and Design; London, UK

     1997-98     Associate Research Programme in Fine Art Practice, Theory, and Education;

                       Chelsea College of Art & Design; London, UK

     1998          Multimedia Authoring and Design Course at Lewisham College, London, UK

Artist Statement


Violence has been one of the topics I have explored through my art in the last 15 years. I have seen how in my home country of Venezuela violence has increased dramatically in the last years. Living in the U.S. for 13 years I have also seen the dramatic impact of human suffering created by acts of violence in their different forms, guns, terrorism and war.


The artworks I produced illustrate and respond to these acts of destructive behavior. My idea is to mix aggression with playfulness and to contrast the decorative and the innocent with brutality to reveal the harsh severity of my subject matter.


To convey my message I work across a variety of media through painting, digital, ceramics and printmaking. As a source of reference for my work I use images from everyday decorative objects such as wallpaper, wrapping paper, children’s books, the imagery of cartoon drawings, toy models and piñatas. I like the decorative aspects of these items, the richness of patterns, and the use of flat colors and shapes, which facilitate immediate communication.


Artist CV


Selected Solo Exhibitions

     2013     “Mind Your Step” Avis Frank Gallery; Houston, TX

     2011     “Orden Invertido” Galeria Carmen Araujo; Caracas, Venezuela

     2009     “En la Cava” with Gerardo Rosales, La Carniceria Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela

     1994     "Transmutation;" Gallery Casa Vieja; Caracas

     1989     "Gerardo Resales;" Gallery Contini; Caracas

                  "Mi Mundo de Colores;" Canning House, London, UK

     1989     "One Night" Bolivar Hall; London, UK

     1988     "First Solo Show;" Equal Data Gallery; London, UK


Selected Group Exhibitions


     2014     “Lo Politico”; Galeria Carmen Araujo; Caracas, Venezuela

     2010     “19 Contempoary Art Fair” arteBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 25-29,2010

     2010     “Snack Projects” featuring Gerardo Rosales, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX

     2009     “Pinta, The Modern and Contemporary Latin America Art Fair”; New York, NY, Nov. 19-22, 2009

                  Represented by La Carniceria Gallery

     2005     “Contemporary Venezuelan Art, Collecion Cisneros”, Centro de Arte Lia Bermudez,

                  Maracaibo, Venezuela

     2001     “Bienal del Caribe” Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

     2000     "Salon Naif et Primitif," Espace Saint Martin, Paris, France

     1999     57 Salon Arturo Michelena, Valencia, Venezuela

                  IV Salon Pirelli, Museum of Contemporary Art "Sofia Imber," Caracas

                  II Salon CANTV, Young Artists, Gallery Los Espacios Calidos, Ateneo de Caracas

     1998     "V.I.A.," Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK

                  "6," The Nunnery Gallery, London, UK

                  "Open Studios, Whitechapel Open," London, UK

     1997     "Salon Christian Dior," Caracas

                  "Degree Show of MA in Fine Art," Chelsea College, London, UK

                  "Mid Show of MA in Fine Art," Chelsea College, London, UK

     1996     "La Mirada Diversa," Museo Jacobo Borges, Caracas

                  "New Contemporary" Gallery D'Museo, Caracas

     1995     "Arte Actual Tachirense," Museo Jacobo Borges, Caracas

                  "53 Salon Arturo Michetena," Valencia, Venezuela

                  "II Salon of Young Artists PIRELLI," Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Caracas

                  "XX Salon de Arte Aragua," Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Maracay, Venezuela

     1994     "23 Concours International de Peinture Primitive Modem," Gallery ProArte Kasper,


     1993     "Confluencias," Museo de Arte Popular de Petare, Caracas

                  "22 Concours International de Peinture Primitive Moderne," Switzerland

     1991     "III Salon de Arte Colombo-Venezolano," Colombia-Venezuela

     1988     "Salon Nacional de Arte Ingenuo," Barcelona, Venezuela




     Col. Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

     Col. Bank of Venezuela

     Col. Ateneo de Valencia. Venezuela




     1999     "Prize Herrera Toro," 57 Salon Arturo Michelena, Venezuela

     1998     Grant given by Cultural National Council, Venezuela

     1995     "Prize Braulio Salazar," 57 Salon Arturo Michelena, Venezuela. "II Prize in Painting,"

                  Salon Nacional de Arte de Aragua, Venezuela

     1993     Prix Europe Coupe D'Or," "22 Concours International de Peinture Primitive Moderne,"


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