Elham Bolourchian is a painter and the member of Iranian Sculpture Society.

From 1979 to1982, she attended Tehran Art University, where she took fine art classes and was mentored under two of the most well-known professors in Modern Art: Mr. E. Jaffary and B. Moslemian. In 2005, she began making sculptures under her mentor B.Daresh, a member of Iranian Painters Society and the manager of the Iranian Sculptors Society.


     1979 - 1982 Tehran Art University

Artist Statement


My work is deeply influenced by miniature visual elements and eastern poetry culture. The subjects are mystery narrative to link the past with the future. They emphasize the inner narrative and sometimes is close to mystic. The creative process being with drawing sketch to invoke the force’s creation, but it’s done accidentally and spontaneously. Painting are a whole interweaving play of surface, volume and rich colors with mix media on canvas. In sculptures with different material the work, takes together the elements, negative spaces or missing pieces on the object, linked to the surrounding. This is my challenge for dialogue between the spectator and my work.

Artist CV

Selected Solo Exhibitions

     2016      Solo Painting Exhibition, Banafsheh Art Gallery

     2005      Solo Painting Exhibition, Banafsheh Art Gallery

     1993      Solo painting Exhibition, Panah Center Culture

     1990      Solo painting Exhibition, Shaghaghi Art Gallery

     1989      Solo painting Exhibition, Shaghghi Art Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions

     2016     5th Urban Spaces Biannual, House of Artists,Tehran, (1 piece in Bronze installation)

                  Nafas Festival, House of the Artists, (1 mix media installation)

     2015     Small Sculptures Group Exhibition, Aran Art Gallery, (1 aluminum installation)

                  Exposition of Commemoration of A.Sherveh, (1 mix media installation)

     2014     Group Sculpture Exhibition, Aria Art Gallery, (1 aluminum installation)

                  4th Urban Spaces Biannual, Ghasr Garden Museum, Tehran, (1 mix media installation)

     2010     2nd Urban Spaces Biannual, Barg Gallery, Tehran, (1 aluminum installation)

                  Razavi Element Sculpture Mashhad Exhibition, (2 aluminum)      

     2008     The first Iranian EXPO House of the Artists Tehran, (2 aluminum)

                  1st Urban Spaces Biannual, Barg Gallery, Tehran, (1 aluminum)

     1999     "100 Artworks, 100 Artistes", Golestan Art Gallery 

     1998     "100 Artworks, 100 Artistes", Golestan Art Gallery

     1997     "100 Artworks, 100 Artistes", Golestan Art Gallery

Awards and Honors

     2009     5th Rank, Olympic Sculpture Competition, Esteghlal Sport Club, Tehran, (1 piece aluminum)

SAMARA Gallery

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Houston TX 77098


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