Born in London 1984, currently working and living in Houston, TX 

Working in art education since 2012


Artist Statement


I am fascinated with exploring the potential of childhood. I always believed my future had endless possibilities when I was young, and my work is about connecting with those profound moments of youthful exuberance. There is a positive, progressive motif in the approach of a child, and an acceptance of the notion that anything could happen next, and probably will.


These paintings depict my childrens' toys, sometimes alone but often placed with each other. The encounters take place within a setting filled with a backdrop of drawings previously created by my daughter. I find this collaboration brings me closer to her, and often drives the title of the work. In other situations, my daughter's doodles can act as a positive distraction from the more concrete forms, such as stacks of Jenga blocks or Lego bricks about to fall.


Other works from this series have been exhibited in: the Texas National 2016 in Nacogdoches, TX, The Hunting Art Prize 2016 and published in the winter 2015 edition of Sreetnotes ( Issue 23).

Artist CV

Selected Solo Exhibitions

     2016     Block Party, Samara Gallery, Houston, TX

Selected Group Exhibitions

     2016     New Texas Talent XXIII: Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX, USA

                       Juried by Frank Hettig- Director of Modern and Contemporary Art Heritage Auction

                  Big Texas 10: Katy Contemporary Art Museum, Katy, TX, USA

                       Juried by Andres Bardon, Patricia Covo Johnson and Ken General

                  Three: Art Room Gallery, Fort Worth, TX, USA

                  Hunting Art Prize Finalist, Houston, TX, USA

                       Juried by Catherine Behrend, Alex Gregory and Alexander Rich

                  Texas National 2016, SFA Galleries, Nacadoches, TX, USA

                       Juried by Abelardo Morrell

     2014     Moral Ambiguity‐ Beyond Black and White: Stark Naked Theater, Houston, TX, USA

                  New Texas Talent XXI: Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX, USA

                       Juried by Andrea Karnes- Museum of Modern Art Fort Worth

     2011     Reconstruction: Art Car Museum, Houston, TX, USA

                  Counter Crawl #2: 2020 Commerce, Houston, TX, USA 

                  Fun & Games: Winter St, Houston, TX, USA

     2010     The Yao Ming Foundation Gala: MFAH, Houston, TX, USA

     2009     Art Box 2009: Bering & James, Houston, TX, USA

                  Art Crawl Houston 2009: 2020 Commerce, Houston, TX, USA

                  The Bellaire Fall New Home Showcase: Bellaire, TX, USA

                  Planes, Trains, Autos, Boats & Bikes: Art Car Museum, Houston, TX, USA

                  Rainbow Death Evil Blood: The Foundry, Houston, TX, USA

     2008     Six Thousand Miles: Allen Center, Houston, TX, USA 

                  Six Thousand Miles: Continental Center, Houston, TX, USA

     2007     Chelsea College Degree Show: Chelsea College of Art, London, UK 

                  Eleven Works: The Banqueting Hall, London, UK

                  Chelsea Portrait Award Show: Chelsea College of Art, London, UK

     2006     Royal Marsden Group Show: Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK




     Streetnotes Kids : Fall 2014

SAMARA Gallery

3100 Richmond Ave - Suite 104

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