Photography by Gary Griffin, Syd Moen, and Ashley Pridmore


March 6 - March 28, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, March 6 from 6pm to 8pm

Gary Griffin is a third-generation Houston Heights resident with a profound love of his hometown and a deep connection to his neighborhood. Gary's photography has been published internationally and tends to be informed with a certain sense of wonder and is definitely infused with Texas flavor. The world around him is delivered to the viewer in a very unique way, as seen through his lens, eye and careful technique. Currently, Gary is working on upcoming and ongoing exhibitions of his work, as well as shooting portraits, architectural photographs, interiors, landscapes, and the art and creations of local artists. Once described as an "artful documentarian", he enjoys bringing the stories of his subjects and friends to a new audience.

Syd Moen was born in Houston, Texas and has been a lifelong resident of the city's Montrose area. She has had a lifelong interest in photography including an early interest in digital photography. Her past experience in 360° panoramic photography has led to her current work in stereographic projections. "Throughout the years I have experimented with numerous artistic mediums; however I always come back to photography as the core resource for my explorations of self-expression. Innovative digital technology allows me to tap into my experience in both photography and spatial thinking. As a photographer I bring my own sense of place to the artwork but it is my hope that the viewer will interact with their own individual memories and emotions as well."

Ashley Pridmore is a New York based artist. "My work is an exploration of decomposition and recomposition, probing the fragments and leavings of humanity in coincidence with the natural world. The delicate structure of a mouse skeleton is the same as a forgotten bicycle dripping rust back into the earth. As an avid naturalist and explorer, I pursue the play between objects and materials left behind, looking for the moment the lines are blurred between organic and inorganic. An obsessive nature is revealed through my work, and in harmony with the speed in which a steel frame, left alone, is taken back to its elements, my processes seek to emulate that slowness."

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