Born in Sydney Australia, Bernard Dunaux moved to the United States in 1981, after completing his formal art studies in Paris, France. 

With a decidedly contemporary palette, over the years Bernard Dunaux has been represented by several galleries across the United States, and is collected worldwide.


Now residing and painting in Los Angeles, his work is represented by Gebert Contemporary, Art Angels, Samara Gallery and Exposures International. His local list of collectors includes various Hollywood and Sports celebrities.


Dunaux's paintings express a constant search for new forms of visual and intellectual expression. His creative process originates with, what he has termed, a "non-moment" in which constant thought ceases, shifting into elements on canvas. From his Los Angeles studio, Dunaux has developed a style that paradoxically unifies rather than separates formal elements in visual harmony: energetic brushstrokes against fields of soft color, bright colors highlighting negative spaces. In Dunaux’s latest compositions, the multi-layered ground becomes a visual archive of the process. Dunaux is unwilling to adhere to any one school of thought is shown in the refined, refreshingly contemporary, yet strikingly classic nature of his work.


"I am in a constant search of new forms of visual expression. My creative process originates with what identify as a non-moment- when constant thought ceases, and shifts into movement and line, paint and canvas. My path is through unconsciousness of the gesture. Subject matter remains only a starting point, as the direct action of painting itself takes over and dictates my course. Each painting strives to elicit a glimpse of the “visual thought”, before the thought becomes instinctual emotion."    


Artist CV


Selected Solo Exhibitions


     2014   Gebert Contemporary, Scottsdale, NM

     2013   Exposures International, Sedona, NM

     2012   Icon Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

     2011   Greystone Mansion Designer Show, Hollywood, CA

     2010   Axiom Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

     2009   Icon Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

     2008   Icon Interiors, West Hollywood, CA

     2007   Venice Artwalk Exhibition Private Show, CA

     2006   Santa Monica Museum Auction, Santa Monica, CA

     2004   Lurie Gallery, Studio City, CA


Selected Group Exhibitions


     2015   Unit London, London, UK

     2014   SAMARA Gallery at Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Houston, TX

     2011   Blank Space Gallery, New York, NY

     2008   Evan Lurie Gallery, Carmel, IN

     2008   Cella Gallery NoHo District, CA

     2006   Castagnier Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

     2006   LACMA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                            

     2005   Bruce Lurie Gallery, Miami, FL


List of Collectors

Delio Barba, Monaco; Jacob Dayar, Israel; Elie Samaha, Lebanon; Fahed & Zain Boodai, Kuwait; Ramez & Lina Baassiri, UAE; Indira Bakrie, Indonesia; Tanvi Jindal Shete, India; Eduardo Castro-Wright, AR; Omar Gonzalez, AZ; Carmen Sosin, CT; Rebecca Berkus, CO; Perry Stevens, CO; Bob & Judy Maynes, FL; Lilia & Ricardo Henaine, FL; J. Hilyard, J. Ramirez, IL; Amy Wagner, MA; Jane Smith, MD; Marc Schorr, NV; Andrew Pascal, NV; Suzanne Schloss, NV; Danny Zelouf, NY; Herb Hirsch, NY; Peter Benassi, NY; Rajesh Lahoti, OH; Gregg & Jolynn Falgout, TX; Mark Faist, TX; Lumber Liquidators, VA; Geffen Records, CA; Susie & Bernard Silver, CA; Liz & Andy Dettmann, CA; Scott Klein, CA; Ryan & Richard Patterson, CA; Steve Robinson, CA; Gina Cressel, CA; Neil Meyer, CA; Joseph Fogel, CA; James Blatt, CA; Jeremy Zucker, CA; Ken Weaver, CA; Jason Adelman,  CA; Joseph Julian, CA; Joe & Joni Topper, CA; Matt Nuss, CA; Gren Wells & Brent Emery, CA; Leslie & Bruce Roberts, CA; Jeff Armant, CA; Michael Siegel, CA; Jeff & TamaraDeckey, CA; Kay Suk, CA; Norma Bonille, CA; Bill & Denise Topaz, CA; Nicole Simpkins, CA; Jessica Barkley, CA; Shawn Evanhain, CA; Kristi Anne Reed, CA; Ian Flavey, CA; Mark Zimmelman, CA; Laurie DeYoung, CA; Dr. Sand, CA; Tracy Trudeau, CA; Inga & Craig Miller, CA; Vibeke & George Rosenberg, CA; Alex Luke, CA; Sherry Kondor, CA; Hilary Law Group, CA; Kirk Fogg, CA; Valensi/ Rose PLC, CA; Michael & Corie Koss, CA; Jim and Raina Ring, CA; Steven Stolar, CA; Richard & Linda Slade, CA; Amy Glad, CA; Antoily & Yelena Romanova, CA; Peter & Christy Eichler, CA; Roz & Jerry Reisman, CA; Peter Prophyt, CA; Friant & Assoc. Oakland, CA; Mohan Chhabra, CA; Barbara & Jerome Smolar, CA; Sofia & Russ Wolpert, CA; Ryan Herman, CA; Rod Olson, CA; Jihee & Peter Huh, CA; Ali & Matt Hillis, CA; Fabio Madonna, CA; Moises Woldenberg, CA; Claire Rados, CA; Justin & Bree Saliman, CA; Karyn & Lance Tendler, CA; Jane & Paul Huh, CA; Susan & Jake Rajfer, CA; Jennifer Lee Cho, CA; Bob Safai, CA; Mercedeh & Ali Vaziri, CA; Leah & Todd Sherman, CA; Allison Morgan, CA; Margot Shekter, CA; Cindy & Craig Block, CA; Jane & Anthony Cinquini, CA; Wendi Hunter, CA; Jennifer & Larry Bond, CA; Henry Hauser, CA; Matt Kemp, CA; Jill Gaines, CA; Daniel Hubbert, CA; Diane Allen, CA; Aaron Kirman, CA; Fred Bernstein, CA; Faye and Ali Amin, CA; Michael Palumbo, CA; Keith Serrao & Rob Lonardo, CA

SAMARA Gallery

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Houston TX 77098


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